Summer is here, we will be closed from June 2nd to June 9th. We will see you again on June 12th!

We are united in our passion to bring you the best of fusion Taiwanese and Western treats.


Our complete menu is also available for download.

Everyday Deal

Lunch Combo: any sandwich or savory crepe + drink for $7.25

Savory Crepes – $5.25

Breakfast: ham, egg, cheese
Monte Cristo: honey ham, American cheese, mustard
Pesto: peppercorn turkey or smoked chicken breast or honey ham or Black Forest ham, pesto
Spinach Dip: spinach dip, peppercorn turkey
Vegetarian: avocado, tomato, brie, pesto
Chinese Green Onion: brisket or curry chicken

Sweet Crepes – $3.50

House: strawberry, banana, Nutella, chocolate
House Sundae: strawberry, banana, Nutella, chocolate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
Ape Crepe: banana, Nutella, chocolate syrup, sprinkles
Strawberry: strawberry, Nutella, chocolate
Strawberry Spice: strawberry, strawberry syrup, sweet cream, cinnamon sugar

Pesto Panini or Hoagie – $5.25

(with choice of salad or egg roll)

Honey Ham
Black Forest Ham

Snacks – $3.50

Pot Stickers (6 pieces)
Egg Rolls (6 pieces)
Brisket Thin Crust (1 piece)

Smoothies – $3.50

Honey Dew
Passion Fruit

Tapioca Drinks – $3.50

Milk Tea
Black Tea
Thai Tea
Cold Brew Coffee
Fruit Tea (choice of Passion Fruit, Peach, Coconut, Mango)

With enough demand, we are more than happy to accommodate any special dietary requests.